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Legacy Leather Books is on hiatus through Summer 2019. To be notified by email when we're open for orders, subscribe to the Legacy Letter


I'm Toni Gatlin, and Legacy Leather Books was born out of my affection for books. Ever since receiving my first library card when I was 6 years old, I've surrounded myself with books, and I especially love old, pretty, well-loved volumes.

But reading isn't my only interest. I'm a lifelong maker and tinkerer, and I'm rarely happier than when I'm figuring out how something works, or creating something that simply didn't exist before. Resourceful, unique solutions to puzzling concepts or unmet needs are my specialty. 


Toni Gatlin of Legacy Leather Books (Photo by Nicole Sergent Photography)


I've practiced many different crafts over time and have developed a special affinity for working with natural leather. After spending years honing my leather-crafting skills and developing my own techniques and concepts, I invested in specialized equipment that would allow me to engrave intricate designs into the leather. 

We start with authentic antique book designs and bring them into the 21st century by using advanced technology and specialized techniques. We laboriously perfect each style of book cover and then further customize each one to its owner's specifications.



Those finished designs go with me into our dedicated workshop here in Austin, Texas, where I cut out the leather and oversee the engraving. Once the design is perfectly etched into the leather, I carefully apply dyes and finishes and then rivet and stitch everything together by hand. 



We are delighted to serve thoughtful writers as the only source for highly customized, laser-engraved, hand finished leather journal covers inspired by antique book designs.

Our mission is to create thoughtful and beautiful goods to help you curate the legacy of your life. Whether you're looking for a keepsake book for your wedding ceremony, an heirloom gift for a special person, a place to gather and protect your own thoughts, or perhaps you envision something entirely different, we'd be honored to help you craft your story. Tell us about your project so we can create a leather book cover especially for you! 

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