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June 10, 2018

Have you ever wondered about the memories you'll want to recall twenty or thirty years from today? Perhaps your mother or another mentor has told you a time or two, “Write that down so you don’t forget it.” The trouble is, by the time you find a scrap of paper, you’ve forgotten what “it” was.

Rather than bumbling about, wondering what’s important and what will be trivial to your future self, here’s a list of ideas gathered from some older (and wiser!) mentors.

What Will Your Future Self Want to Remember? from Legacy Leather Books

Recipes from loved ones

So many people remember that perfect meal their grandmother made, but can’t quite replicate it once she’s gone. Avoid that by asking for the recipe now. If possible, have the cook walk you through the process once or twice to reinforce the recipe and make the memory even more special.

What Will Your Future Self Want to Remember? - Legacy Leather Books

Meaningful songs

While most of us won’t forget our all-time favorite albums or musicians, sometimes a song is especially meaningful for a brief period. Write down why a certain song speaks to you at this season of life.

Feelings on particular topics or people

Don’t expect to automatically remember your original take on a situation or person. Jot down those moments that made you cry with joy or feel some other strong emotion. What, exactly, was going on in your soul at that moment? Record your first day at a new job, or your experience of a significant news event. 

Your family history

Have you noticed the increased interest in genealogy as the internet makes information easier to find? Here’s what you can’t always find on the web: your own family’s stories. Write down your family lore! Record the time your grandmother stole her brother’s car back in the 1930s, or the story your great-aunt told about your grandfather calling himself a “handsome dog” before going out on the town.

In addition to recording family stories, you’ll find it helpful to record your health history. Taking care of yourself and your family is always easier with accurate records.

Ways to stay in touch with friends

Not everyone is on social media. Go the old-fashioned route and keep an address book, complete with mailing addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and any other important information you might want or need.

Take it one step further and commit to sending birthday or holiday cards with a photo or personal note, even to just a select few on your list. If they reciprocate, the cards can be an excellent addition to your memory scrapbook.

Funny stuff kids say

Kids do inevitably say the darnedest things! No matter if the child is yours or simply a kid you passed in the grocery store, their quirky sayings are precious and worth the time it takes to write them out with all the details. On a cloudy day, these records can brighten your heart.

Storing these memories

Without a practical way to record, store, and access these memories, they’ll do you little good.  A simple journal or blank book would suffice. If you're frequently on the go, you might prefer to quickly record memories in a digital format, whether on a computer or phone. This can later be transferred to your physical collection of memories and added to a scrapbook for your own enjoyment and to share with others.

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