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June 11, 2018

Let’s talk wedding vows: the most personal, most intimate part of your big day. As you stand before family and friends, committing yourself to the love of your life, which specific words will be most appropriate and meaningful for you?

Wouldn’t it be nice to make those words uniquely your own?

Vows written by the couple themselves are completely distinctive. They give you a way to say exactly what you want to say, nothing more, nothing less. What’s more, you’ll be delighted to include these unique vows in your wedding album or display them in your home as a constant reminder of your love.

How to Craft Unique Wedding Vows from Legacy Leather Books

Creating the tone

Here’s where you'll want to take a look at Wedding Celebration That's True to Youparticularly the part about your personality. If you and your significant other are funny and lighthearted, feel free to incorporate humor and ease into your vows. If you’re more reserved or are having a very formal ceremony, perhaps traditional vows with special additions would be a good fit.

Whatever you do, take into consideration the tone you want to set not only for the ceremony, but also for your new life together.

How to Craft Unique Wedding Vows - Legacy Leather Books


Say what you need to say

What do vows generally include?

  • Promises of love and loyalty
  • A commitment to care for one another
  • References to your faith tradition or spiritual beliefs
  • Perhaps an allusion to those of your partner’s qualities that are most meaningful to you

 But remember, you don’t have to say everything right now. Your vows don't need to be pages and pages long. Touch on what is most significant as well as what you want to look to as the foundation for your marriage.

For your vows, prioritize what's most important to you to say during the ceremony itself, keeping in mind that it's fine to save the rest of your thoughts for a speech during the reception or even for a private wedding message to your new spouse.


Take input from married folks

Some common themes from couples include wishing they’d addressed the following:

  • A public commitment to treat one another with respect and kindness
  • A promise to be a safe place for each other, full of forgiveness
  • Mutual support of each partner’s goals and aspirations
  • A promise not to try to change the other, but to accept differences as complementing strengths
  • Acknowledging that the marriage is a partnership, with each team member looking out for the good of the other


Write out your vows for the ceremony

Even if you have a near-perfect memory, you’ll want to be sure to write out your vows, just to be safe. Wedding days can be intense and you'll appreciate the ease of being able to read your vows rather than risk your mind going blank at a crucial moment. Your officiant can carry a copy for you, and it’ll not only be a safeguard against wedding day jitters but a special keepsake later.


Speak truth, speak commitment, speak love

Because, in the end, isn’t that what your vows are truly about?

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