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June 22, 2018

When envisioning your special day, what do you see? Is it a scene from a favorite movie? A repeat of your best friend’s wedding? Or do you see an event so distinctive, so unique that it simply wouldn’t work for anyone but you and your sweetheart?

Your wedding is the ideal time to tell your story—to paint a picture of who you are, both as an individual and as a couple. And you want that story to be perfect so you can look back on it with pleasure for years to come.

 A Wedding Celebration That's True to You from Legacy Leather Books

While you can read every bridal magazine and blog post on the planet and use Pinterest to come up with thirty different possible ceremonies and receptions and venues and playlists, there is only one you. With that in mind, take a moment to think of just who you are, as individuals and as a couple.


A Wedding Celebration That's True to You - Legacy Leather Books

Your personalities
Are you someone who loves the spotlight and entertaining? Maybe you prefer to quietly focus on the needs of others from behind the scenes. You could be someone who feels most comfortable in small, intimate settings.

While there are many personality typing frameworks, a look into one of the most basic reveals four main categories.

  1. The Sanguine is a person characterized by enthusiasm, activity, and with a very busy social life.
  2. The Choleric is more driven, likes to do things quickly, and can be short-tempered and irritable—but that’s just because they're so efficient!
  3. Our Melancholy friends are more analytical and quiet. Think of that eminently wise woman you know—she’s probably a melancholy.
  4. And then there’s the Phlegmatic. This is a guy or gal who’s relaxed and peaceful, and likes to help others feel the same.

Once you figure out your main personality type (or even your top two), you can use that knowledge to help design your day.

Your style

Next we come to your style and tastes: are you someone who adores fluff and frills, or are you more pragmatic and minimalistic? What types of clothes and accessories do you lean toward? Is your wardrobe classic, romantic, bohemian, or dramatic? Do you want to be trendy, traditional, or a careful blend of the two?

If you’re still not sure, take a look at how you've decorated your home or office. This will give you a starting point for how you might want your wedding to look as well.

Your people

And finally, think about your people. Who matters to you? Is that group large and wide-reaching, close and intimate, or somewhere in between? How do you prefer to entertain those people?

Focus on a few key areas

Once you’ve determined who you are, take a look at your day and focus in on two to three key areas that matter most to you and your beloved.

For some engaged couples, it might mean prioritizing fashion, the music, and an expansive guest list.

For others, it’s important to have a specific venue, delicious food and drink, and exquisite photography.

Perhaps you’d like to stand out and be different. One fun-loving bride opted for a carnival theme for her reception. While balloons and funnel cakes wouldn’t work for everyone, it fit her casual and colorful personality to a T.

At the end of the day, it’s your day—your big chance to celebrate your new union. So, yes, spend some time reading the magazines and scrolling through inspiration boards. Jot down suggestions from others if they seem fitting. But above all, be true to yourself and you’ll pick up your wedding album with a smile for the rest of your life.

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